Antigua Rigging is involved in a few regattas. While it might be noble to say that the reason we do this is to keep up with the latest technology etc (which is a bonus for us and our customers) the real reason we do this is because sailing is fun and for us racing at all levels is the epitome of this. As you will see below there is something for everyone here.


Nelson’s Pursuit

Stan dreamt up this race (but his old friend Tom Paterson makes this happen) to give visitors and locals a fun thing to do ahead of the New Year. This is Stan’s favourite race not only for the diverse entries we get but mainly due to the continued efforts of Tom P whose input can’t be understated. The prize giving alone is one of a kind. Thank you Tommy from all of us in Antigua. If it wasn’t for Admiral Nelson this race should be called Paterson’s Pursuit.
A triangular course with the start/finish line off Ft Charlotte. This is followed by Tom’s unique prize giving in the dockyard (Officer’s Quarters steps) and is a nice way to lead into the New Year Celebration in the Dockyard. (Now a World Heritage Site) This is a race anyone can enter. Actually, we encourage visiting cruisers with dinghies on the davits. We do our own ratings based on perceived performance and have had surprisingly close results even between Carriacou Sloops and Superyachts. All proceeds from the entry fee go to the St John’s Hospice (after we have bought the rum for prizes!!).


Superyacht Challenge Antigua
1st weekend February
Stan and Paul Deeth decided to host this event after some pushing from some preeminent Superyacht Captains to have an event that harked back to how Superyacht Racing started – basically a get together between friends. This event is different from the others in that it tries to keep low key for the enjoyment of the competitors and to that end we eschew sponsors and advertising.
However, if you are in the area be sure to watch these magnificent yachts on the water. Considering their sizes and big loads on gear it is amazing to see how the crews handle it.


RORC Caribbean 600
3rd week February.
The BIG distance race in the Caribbean.
Stan and John Burnie originally came up with the concept (Stan drew up the course) and it has quickly proved popular. They decided to bring in the RORC (the yacht club for offshore racing) for their obvious management and marketing experience. The RORC work hand in hand with the Antigua Yacht Club to stage this international event. The local community contributes about 50 volunteers many of whom have no YC affiliation and they especially have our eternal thanks as it wouldn’t happen without them.


Antigua 360
Friday before the Caribbean 600 start.
The new race on the block.
Stan came up with the idea after seeing Phaedo do exactly that as their “practice” in 2015. (Another no-brainer like the 600)
This is an anti-clockwise circumnavigation of Antigua and is open only to qualified entries for the 600. It is put on as a warm up event/practice for these boats.
It is organized and staged by the Superyacht Challenge Team.

Additional regattas in Antigua. (You might be forgiven at this point for thinking this is all we do in Antigua!)

Valentine’s Regatta and Around Redonda Race.
Second week February and put on by Jolly Harbour YC.

Antigua Classics Regatta.
3rd week April.
This is an international event and a spectacle like no other. If you can’t be on the water to see these boats then walking the docks after the racing is a must just to see these magnificent boats from yesteryear.
2017 is the 30th edition of the event.

Antigua Sailing Week.
Last week April.
Who hasn’t heard about this? It is the “original” Caribbean regatta (2017 is the 50th edition) and it keeps getting better.

Antigua Bermuda Race.

Organized by the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club in association with Antigua Sailing Week. The inaugural race coincides with the finish of the 50th edition of Antigua Sailing Week and the 35th America’s Cup event in Bermuda.